How do you ensure that your organization is working on the right initiative at the right time, effectively investing the limited resources available? How do you keep your plans current and relevant in a shifting business environment particularly with the interdependencies of technical, application and business initiatives amplified by an exceedingly complex multi-vendor IT environment?

PLANet brings a fresh, unique and straight forward approach to strategic planning. Using a participatory method in the development of your planning framework we ensure that the commitment and ownership of the plan is in place from the very start.

PLANet consulting services and companion toolset provide a customizable framework allowing you to focus on high priority areas from the very beginning.

Once implemented, PLANet supports the active management and communication of the strategies, IT architectures, project plans and organizational relationships.

PLANet web-based toolkit is used in development of the plan and acts as the active repository for all planning information going forward, helping to ensure that the plan is used and is responsive to changes in business priorities.

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