Services are aligned within the PLANet framework; from developing the strategy through to day-to-day management of the plan.


IT Strategic Planning

What does the business need?  Where is the IT industry heading? What are your investment values?   Whether you are developing a new strategic plan or refreshing it – this is the place to start, it ensures alignment with business drivers and creates the foundation.

Architecture Development

Without a detailed roadmap that everybody can read, chances are pretty good that somebody will get lost.    Developing the blueprints required to deliver IT strategy is critical from all perspectives: Technology, Application, Information, and Security.

Transition Planning - Portfolio Management

This is where the rubber hits the road. Pulling together the detailed and integrated transition plan (budget, programs and projects), it doesn’t matter how good your strategy is without one.

IT Governance

Everybody has a role to play in planning.  Establish effective governance to manage IT investments – structure, processes, roles and responsibilities.  This will help ensure that you have buy-in and commitment to the strategy from the very beginning.