A participatory approach, using appreciative methods, makes a significant difference in whether your plan is accepted by those who are responsible to deliver it.    The approach used brings together the people that have the knowledge to define what is best for the business.  They have the ownership, commitment and experience to make it happen, we provide the facilitation, processes and knowledge to draw them out and gain consensus. 

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Principles for Success

*        Bringing the key IT staff and business stakeholders together, working the possibilities and making decisions as a team, becoming part of the process through active buy-in and commitment.  The staff will then own the plan – leverage the knowledge within.

*        A significant benefit achieved is that of sharing knowledge and perspective between staff through this process.  It’s extremely powerful gathering diverse people together who have experience, and really listen to what they have to say … An over used word these days but very appropriate – empowerment. 

*        Stay focused on where the organization needs to be – look at what you do well, the successes, build off of them.

*        Determine where the organization should be in 2-3 years for strategic business alignment, what can be done tactically in the next year, and what should be done today - create an integrated transition plan.

*        A fast track approach – don’t over work all the details, make key decisions and move on.  A series of workshops packed together over a short time frame of weeks, not months, to ensure continuity and momentum is maintained.